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Password Recovery Windows 7

Oh, god! I've forgotten my login password of my computer, and I have left it the whole day, nothing I can do without my computer, because there are many important documents in my PC, without them, I can't go on with my work, what should I do? How can I make a password recovery Windows 7? Is there anyone to help me?

Questions like that is usually happened among us, in this case, I think the first thing you need to do is to get a Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool to help you. Here we strongly recommend this Wondershare LiveBoot 2012, which is a powerful program belongs to Password Recovery for Windows 7, with the help of it, you can easily find your Windows 7 login password, as well as Windows XP and Vista admin password. What are you waiting for? Just get this powerful Windows 7 Login Password Recovery and try to get started now!

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Guide: How to Reset Windows 7 Admin Password?

Step1. Burn a Windows 7 password recovery disk

First you need to get a Windows 7 Password Recovery Program, and make a bootable disk with it. Subsequently, kindly please install the program on your PC, then you will see an interface as following:

win 7 password reset software

Now you can start to burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB drive according to your needs, following the instructions displayed clearly on the interface. It's an extremely easy job. If you want to burn a bootable CD, just click the green button "Burn CD Now". If you don't have a burner installed on your computer, you can try to burn with a USB drive.

Step2. Access your computer with the disk

Insert the CD/DVD or USB drive into your computer whose password you've lost, and launch it. As soon as the system starts loading, press F12 to reach the Boot Device Menu. Then choose the USB CD-ROM Drive and click on Enter. Then you will come to the menu as following,  this time you need to click "Boot from LiveBoot" to enter the system.

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Step3. Start recovering Win 7 password

When you have entered your computer, the program will launch itself. What you need to do is to click on the "Password & Key Finder" to get the "Admin Password Resetter", starting to recover Win 7 password.

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Well now you need to take out of the disk from your PC and restart your computer. After that, you can reset your admin password without any restrictions. Pay attention to change a password that easily remembered by you and don't forget it again!

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